The Friends' Projects

Completed Projects

Our first project was the much-needed cleaning of the church clock, followed by major repairs to the beautiful east window and side lancet windows. We have now completed the restoration of the fifteenth-century porch entrance to the church as can be seen from the pictures below.

The Friends’ trustees have also prepared and installed a self-guided tour of St Mary’s, featuring a series of paddles attached at different places around the church. The short paragraphs describing the special features at each site are presented in English, French, and German.

Repairs have also been made to the tower roof and gutters, both of which were letting in water for some time prior to the Friends funding of the repairs.  We have also replaced some fallen plaster in the roof of the Chancel, which was carried out by specialists using horsehair and dung.

Current and future Projects

Our specialist stonemason has now finished repointing and replacing the stonework to the 16 buttresses around the church.  His next task will be to repair the stonework around the two vestry windows, which is badly eroded. We plan to carry out restoration work on the ancient West Door of the church.  It hasn’t been used for decades and is in need of considerable repair.  

We appealed to our members in the summer for contributions towards the cost of a badly needed new sound system for St. Mary’s. We made this appeal knowing that this was a departure from our usual works to the fabric of the church. We were delighted when a total of 16 members came forward, including 3 major donors, and the total cost was raised. The Vicar, John Huggins, is hoping that it will be installed by Christmas. Thank you to all the contributors who made this possible.

The other major project that has been put forward jointly by the parochial church council and Friends representatives is the total refurbishment of the back of the church and the kitchen!  Plans can be seen in the church. It is a major project levelling the floor with the kitchen and creating more room for events, meetings etc, right in the centre of the village. Permission from the diocesan advisory committee will have to be sought and some serious grants obtained before this goes ahead.