For over a thousand years St Mary’s Church, in the square that forms the heart of Lenham village, has been attracting worshippers and visitors. They come for many different reasons: to pray, to appreciate its ancient legacy or just for a moment of quiet reflection. The aim of the Friends of St Mary’s is not only to maintain the Grade 1 listed church but to preserve its beauty for future generations. 

The Friends of St Mary’s Church Lenham is a registered charity, no.1160993. We raise funds for our work from our membership, from donations and from the events we organise throughout the year. 

Update: We’re sorry but we have had to postpone our AGM for the foreseeable future due to the latest regulations relating to Covid-19.  We were in touch with the Charity Commission before making this decision and have acted upon their advice.  Our Annual Accounts have been audited and will be presented to members when we can.  We’ll be looking to re-arrange the AGM, in some format, as soon as it is possible to do so.

How you can help

Lovely picture of St Mary’s in the sunshine yesterday. The picture shows some of the recent work funded by The Friends of St Mary’s – the three buttresses we have had refurbished, the big East Window we renewed and on the right one of the windows the stonemason is going to tackle next.

St Mary's June 2020