Safari Lunch, 3rd May 2018

Our first ever Safari Lunch was held on a glorious sunny Saturday. Coordinated by John Arthur Boyd, our Membership Secretary, and Andrew Barr, our Chairman, ten local hosts each welcomed four guests for a starter course and then four different guests for a main course on Saturday, June 3rd. The weather was perfect – sunny, but not too hot. Lenham is small enough for the distance between the various houses not to pose a problem, and so no one got lost en route….

We hear of delicious meals being prepared by the various hosts, and of many meals being enjoyed sitting outside in the garden. What a bonus that was!

One excitement in the plan was that people did not know till they reached the first house where they would be going next. There the hosts gave them an envelope containing the second address. And the hosts did not know who would be coming to them for the main course, only the first course. So we all met people we either did not know at all or knew only vaguely. It was great fun.

After the first two courses, everyone, hosts and guests, met at the Tithe Barn for the final course, a series of delicious desserts plus cheese, biscuits, tea and coffee, prepared by Friends trustees Gill Simes, Lyn Fuller and Gillian Watson.

Informal feedback after the event suggests that this new venture was a great success. Our thanks and congratulations to the organisers – and to all our generous hosts both around Lenham and at the Tithe Barn.